Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wanderer returns

Managed to get back home late on New Years Day.
Louise's Mum still in Cardiff at her sister's.
David's mum still in hosptial, we visited several nursing homes and found a room for her but it all depends on the social worker who didn't work between Christmas and New Year....
Didn't manage much knitting, three mittens and a little bit of Misty Garden whilst hospital visiting. Nurses not seen knitting for a long while and were a bit confused with me walking round the ward knitting ;-)
Hopefully Val will be in a nursing home before the weekend and then she should be looked after properly.
Whilst there I also helped clear out her flat, took three of us four hours, a different way to spend New Year's eve... we then watched Bleak House, ate lots of food and had a few drinks.

Since been home finished Misty Garden. Did try casting on a jumper but brain wasn't working properly so frogged it until another day.
Did start Lady Eleanor earlier, and then frogged half of it as missed a triangle from the start of a row. Hopefully I will manage another good night sleeping in own bed and can concentrate tomorrow and take some photos of finished scarves.....


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