Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anyone want a dog ?

The dog has got to the constant howling phase of 'dog next door in season'. I tried taking him on an extra long walk this morning in the hope that he would sleep, but it didn't work.... I am sitting here with the cat on my feet listening to an awful noise, I just hope he falls asleep soon and gets himself some rest, I cant be doing with this all day...

Neil had a better night last night, his dressing was dry today (he had a leaking something yesterday that they had to put a stitch in) so the surgeon said he may be released tomorrow.

He's told me not to go and visit today, instead I have to sort out the house and do some house work so he can walk round without falling over too much stuff - those that know me will realise just how difficult that is for me, coupled with the fact I have been getting up at 6am for weeks....

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