Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

The duckies now have a raft (it was a coffee type table my dad had, I think he would approve of it's new use....)

Mum likes taking them there over night - safest place.

We have put chicken wire round the bottom end of the pond to stop the cat, it slows him down a little bit, but he is getting shouted at a lot !!

We have only named one of them - unsurprisingly this is Daffy.

We had a date for Neil's op, we have to phone to check his bed is there at 11am on Wednesday, then his admission time is 1pm.
We think the op is on Thursday, hopefully he will be home on the Saturday or Sunday.

And now I'm going to go and watch my babies again, they are so cute, and so fast on the water...

Neil did some time lapse photos yesterday, video is more tricky as they move so fast !!

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Blogger Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...


4:46 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

smart raft, gorgeous ducks. sending lots of love...

5:17 pm  
Blogger Joy said...

Oh bless them, aren't they gorgeous :-)

The very best of best wishes to you both for the next few days and weeks.

5:46 am  

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