Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Squares for Ursula

For the knitters out there please can you spare an evening to knit a square for a blanket for an old lady in Ireland. She lost her house and everything in it following a gorse fire on Saturday.
All the details are here

Neil is suffering from his hospital painkillers wearing off, his neck is giving him quite a lot of pain, and it looks like the scar is itching (which is a good sign of healing). Staples out tomorrow afternoon, so I get to see the scar then (it's about 4 inches long). He is more mobile and managing to use the new water boiler without any assistance.

The dog had his injection yesterday, I was told the wrong thing by the vet on Saturday, it last 3/4 weeks and it's effects are more or less instant. He wanted to go a lot last night only for 5 or 10 minutes, but it seemed like it was every 30 minutes...
This morning we were up at 6, back from his walk at 7. I went back to sleep and he didn't wake us until about 11 when he wanted company.

I'm still suffering from lack of sleep, the last few months have caught up with me. I'm hoping that after a lot more mornings of sleep I should be feeling a lot better.

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