Sunday, March 19, 2006

On the Third Day....

He managed to get all the paper off the walls !

I should realise that anything to do with this house takes a lot longer than it should. When the builders were here at the end of last year it said it would be a week - at the time I thought that was not enough time to build conservatory, fit kitchen and bathrooms and do some odd bits - just over two months and they were finished. I was so fed up with the whole mess of it that I didn't start decorating and trying to put away until recently.

The decorator said that it would take a day to get the paper off - lots of language later he finished late on Friday afternoon. He said that he has never had so much problems removing paper before, think the two coats of gloss between the layers of paper didn't help !

Hopefully some more paper will go up tomorrow followed by the paint. I was hoping that it would be done sooner, I'm trying to have a proper clear out and organisation before friends come and stay next weekend. They haven't seen the 'improvements' I've done to the house, and I was going to shock with a tidy house - will be a first !!

Better get on and do some more clearing and then I can knit ;-)


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