Sunday, November 30, 2008

So close...

.... I knew that I would not be able to manage blogging every day for a month...

The shock at loosing two pounds was too much for me on Wednesday, so I came back from keep fit and more or less when straight to bed...

Thursday I went shopping again - I couldn't find what I needed in Ross so ended up in Monmouth

Has someone branched out into retail ?

And the Friday saw me driving to Nottingham with Ali.

We went to see the location for next year's AGM for the Knitting and Crochet Guild.

It's going to be held at Ruddington.

We found locations, catering and some amusements...

There are some very old knitting machines

There were displays of stockings, including some very short ones that belonged to Queen Victoria.

Saturday was a day of present making - I finished a Tudor Grace scarf (Knitspot pattern).

I cut out lots of bits of tomatoes - all will be explained tomorrow !

And then today I went to Anne's Yardstitch.
As it was so cold we were all in Nutter's Cafe.

There was much eating, drinking, talking and knitting.

Marie had brought her new wheel - I've seen them in magazines and lusted after one, now after trying one - I'm in love...

And look at this tart !

I think she is enjoying moving round the shop :-)

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what a busy bee you have been, all this jetsetting:)

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