Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow Forest

I've been busy in the last few days - lots of clicking of needles - and for once I'm using straights :-)

This is Hazel's latest pattern - I'm not doing it totally as pattern.

Using thinner cotton and different beads, which you can just about see ..

It took me 45 minutes for the first of these patterns and 30 for the second ... I'm hoping that the second half will fly off the needles...

And this is the first end with bell edging, and trees.

This is how long 160 rows are with scissors for scale (they are dressmaking ones)

Only another 525 rows to go...

I'm using 3mm & 3.25 mm

And just to prove there are some Hereford cattle living nearby - these are in the long fleece sheep field by the river - sorry for the spooky look on it's face, it was dusk

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Blogger KnitYoga said...

Your runner's looking very nice already!

12:14 pm  

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