Thursday, September 22, 2011

The good and Bad

Sorry still not taken any photos of knitting, but I have been spending some time with the girls.

Chickens are very difficult to take photos of, they dont stay still for very long !

These are our three girls waiting for Dad to bring them some corn, or dandelion leaves...

They are good girls.

The cat is also on the mend, the tablets for thyroid have reduced his incredible high level to within the normal range. Luckily he seems to like his daily dose of cheese & tablet.

Neil has been having dizzy spells recently. He is being referred back to Bristol. The doctor thinks that scar tissue is constricting the blood supply to his head - the tumour they removed was very close to an artery in his neck. In the mean time his has been advised not to drive, it wouldn't be good if he got dizzy whilst turning at a junction....

And my brother has just found this site - if you have a spare couple of minutes it is very very very funny... Be creative every day !!!

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Blogger Secret Sheep said...

Chick pics are always good.

4:55 pm  
Blogger Inthesky said...

I had fun with the stick man :)
Loving your Blog x

9:07 pm  

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