Thursday, December 01, 2011

Lichen Waistcoat

Hubby likes waistcoats, hubby likes Rav, Hubby found the pattern.

I found the yarn.

I really enjoyed knitting this.

This is some of the back

The colours repeat but the OXO change

I made it longer than the pattern said, so his back will be covered.

And it should go with his 'new' suit.

The sweater blocker used to belong to the lady that started our spinning group. No one knew what the bits of wood were (they thought it was a loom!) I got it for nothing. I am a very lucky girl.

And now I'm wondering that other interesting knits he is going to find for me to do....

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Blogger Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Stunning as always with your knitting sue , perhaps himself would like a suit next a knit one of course

6:41 pm  
Anonymous Tessa said...

Sue that's wonderful. If my chap sees it he'll want one too, so I'd better have a look at whether it's doable..
Happy New Year

4:46 pm  
Blogger Karin Mainwaring said...


9:58 am  

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