Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Creative Stitches

It is impossible to describe the Knit and Natter stand on Saturday, but thanks to William and Sophie for all their help and to Christopher for the chocolate rabbit ;-)

The show started on Thursday, we had our first lady asking for help straight away. The day continued with constant requests for help and advice - domino knitted was popular in the afternoon.

On the Friday I stupidly had my patchwork jumper on the back of the stand, I dont know how many times I explained how to make it, but by then end of the day I had nearly lost my voice.

Saturday and you really had to be there, all I will say is dont throw Boa yarn into a bag unless you want to keep at least three people amused for three hours...

Sunday continued busy all day, we had to throw them off the stand when the show shut.
We looked after children and grannies while others shopped.

I was delayed slightly on the way back home on Sunday night, and yes I did do some finger knitting while stationery on the M5..

And this is what I bought.

Dream Toys by Claire Garland - patterns for pirate and horse are wicked ;-)
I had been thinking about getting Knitted Babes for a while but this book has lots more patterns...

Some beads and painted buttons.
And some pins to keep stitch markers on.

And this is the yarn I got, four balls of Marble and four of Limbo.

I really want to make this I already have some green Marble and I thought the brights could mix with some plain DK.

And now I must finish my Diamond Fantasy shawl so I can give it to it's intended while we weekend in Spain :-)

Saturday Sky is having a break for a few weeks due to my inability to remember last week and me being out of the country this coming weekend...


Blogger Sue said...

Nice stash enhancement! Hope you're pacing yourself - don't want to peak too early and run out of cash. :-)

6:32 pm  
Blogger lin said...

love the lizard throw i'm debating doin that design too you'll have to let me know how easy it is... or isn't lol I was thinkin of using a few different hanks of hand painted lace weight to make a counterpane glad the show was good!

9:11 pm  
Blogger Seahorse said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

I love the look of the Dream Toys book! Is that a mermaid there? She doesn't come with a seahorse companion does she???

9:59 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

Did you manage to untangle the Boa? I swear it ties itself in knots if you even glance at it. I'm in love with the lizard throw, but am thinking of adapting it into a felted bag using all my yummy Noro scraps. Have fun out of the country!

4:27 pm  
Blogger Anni said...

Hi Sue, thanks for teaching my girls to fingerknit. They loved it and have moved on to other fingerknitting projects now. Ness has taught two of her friends to fingerknit too and I had to teach one of Em's friends how to do it. I've got strands of fingerknitted yarn all over the house. I didnt know how to do it so I learnt something new too. You must be exhausted after such a busy weekend. Thanks.
Anni (the bag lady from AY forum)

8:50 pm  

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