Thursday, October 05, 2006

If you meet me.....

...please can you remind me what my name is and where I am !!!

I've off again on another show adventure, this weekend Fashion for Embroidery in Harrogate. Then a few days with friend in St Albans (she loved her shawl by the way). And then four days at Ally Pally.

I know by the end of this week I will have problems, there are not many volunteers for Saturday and Sunday, and if it is like Exeter.... I only knew what I was doing coz I was stickered 'Learn to knit with me' and I had my name badge on....

From what I've heard Ally Pally is so busy I think I will loose the plot. I'm spending most of Saturday doing courses some with Ruth, but will be Knitting and Relaxing at lunchtime.

If you do see me come and say hello, I dont promise to make any sense but that is nothing unusual !! I'm hoping to be able to get on line at some point, ten days with blog reading is a long time !!


Blogger Rain said...

Have a fab time. Wear you name badge upside down so you can keep checking who you are.

11:07 am  
Blogger susoolu said...

Good grief woman, we share the same birthday. Have fun, but save some energy for Ally Pally. (See you there - Ruth has made me go, cos you know, who wants to go to a knitting show.)

2:53 am  

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