Friday, November 17, 2006


I was going to try and post an amusing tale about getting quiet fills fitted to two new toilets but as the sorry story has been carrying on since Tuesday it is no longer amusing... I've had water dripping through my kitchen ceiling, parts reordered and now I'm expecting the plumber again tomorrow. Hopefully I should have two new flushing and no dripping loos by then...

And to take my mind off all things plumbing I went to my local Creative Stitches Show today. It is the nearest one to me but in a different country - yes I went to Cardiff. It was a relatively small show, I thought I was doing really well to start with, only buying 'orders' for a friend, then the Knitting & Crochet guild had some books for sale.... and then a dangle dolly kit jumped out at me.

(Sorry I've too tired for photos, maybe tomorrow)

And tomorrow I'm meeting someone and kidnapping them and taking them to see a garden on Sunday - I'm sure there will be lots more photos then !!


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