Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Two small pumpkins...

... and a ball of wool

My pumpkins were not as prolific and my cats not as keen to be photographed as Isabella

If the weather had not been so dry in the summer they might have been bigger. I'm hoping that good things come in small packages and they taste ok.

Ball is a 100g sock, for scale...

Happy Halloween everyone.


Blogger gourdongirl said...

Happy halloween. Nice pumpkins and I'm sure they will tast wonderful.

8:00 pm  
Blogger gourdongirl said...

I knew I should have done a spellcheck!!!!! tast=taste!!!!

8:01 pm  
Blogger DeeAnn said...

Awww, the mini pumpkins are adorable :) Happy Holloween!!!

2:01 am  
Blogger susoolu said...

Somehow those minature pumpkins seems scarier - all that pent up potential, in such a tiny package, just waiting to explode. And tell the cats off for not playing nice!

1:20 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

I think your pumpkins are fantastic.
Lovely yarn too.

2:33 pm  

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