Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Liza...

I know you are more used to dealing with buckets, but this is a bit more serious...
You know I had a new oil tank installed the back end of last year, well it appears to be leaking... It was just a slight seep and now after the man has looked it became a big drip (nearly two pints collected in just over a day!!)

So now I'm waiting for a new tank, at least he has managed to stop the big drips and the container is filling up much slower..... but there oil everywhere apart from in the tank where it is meant to be !!!

Thanks for all you messages about the boy.

He is healing well - we did have a slight mishap when visiting nextdoor, he had a good scratch and took off the scab and then rubbed his head on the arm of the sofa, the bottom of the sofa and neighbour's top... She was ok about it luckily, after all she does think he is her cat !!

Part of the reason why I have been quiet for a while is I was up in Manchester visiting friends but enjoying some proper music.

Some of it was better than others .

Shawadywady were a good opening act and The Osmond Brothers closed the show.

Of the two David's I think Mr Cassidy past me by - I only knew two of his songs and he does talk a lot...

The other David I could have listened to for years !!!

And this was the sky in Manchester on the Saturday morning - grey, just as I remember it when I worked there in a past life.

And this was the sky this Saturday.

The telephone pole opposite.

I had that usual problem on Saturday night, the smell form the chip van calling me - but I was strong, Shona and Isabella would have been proud of me - I ended up having cottage cheese instead !! Only a stone to go (for the second time) but I am more determined now...

And what else have I been doing, apart from dealing with everyday life and the problems it throws me.... in the last week nearly 80 hours of study (or that's how long I should have spent reading books) I should be writing an essay on mortality and morbidity in the UK at the moment but concentration is non existent - I'd rather be out playing in the garden....

Oh and I have been knitting, but that deserves it's own post ;-)

Just heard from tank man, there have been problems with the tanks and it should have been recalled - but as always why inform the customer !!!

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Blogger Rosie said...

confession time: having been (blush) a big Osmonds fan in my time, I used to walk through the local branch of Woolies on my way home from school every day and (without fail) my friend Ann-Nicole and I would move David Cassidy LPs into the "female vocal" section (it was Annie's idea, but how I wish I'd thought of it myself). And the next day (I assume) some poor shop assistant had to move them back, ready for our next onslaught.

6:16 pm  

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