Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Sky

Now when one goes shopping for cider you sometimes find out about some exciting days...

The Alpaca Society had an open day at Weston's cider....

So I had to get a pricture of the sky with some of the lovelies in the picture....

I met Spinny at the station in Ledbury and we talked Alpacas and fibre with most of the owners, and for most of the day as well...

We found out that the fibre is a by product and the owners are not particularly interested in doing anything with it....

This fellow had 4kg of fleece last year. They live about 15 - 20 years. They are pregnant for 11 months and give birth during day light hours, usually without any problems.

Males cost about £800 and females are a lot more expensive.

There are 22 recognised colours.

They need to be kept in groups and you can keep 5 - 6 per acre (and my garden is no where near big enough ...)

They are good guard animals, protecting sheep from foxes.

They can travel in horse boxes, and they normally sit down while the vehcile is in motion !

We were good, nearly tempted by some rovings but we both resisted.

(I have been down to the shed and extracted a bin liner of dirty alpaca fleeces, so tomorrow once I have finished knitting something huge I will have a play with my wheel...)


Blogger Susan said...

What cute mugs! They look like big, fluffy teddy bears.

I hope you wore your new socks today...Otherwise I'm sending you a 'Pinch' - Gotcha ;)

And you are such a Lace making mama! Just beautiful.

6:45 pm  
Blogger TutleyMutley said...

They look so funny - saw a large herd down in Sampford Spinney yesterday - why aren't they interested in the fibre? what are alpacas useful for then?

3:36 pm  
Blogger Gill said...

They are so cute...but how come they don't value the best bit (the fibre?!)

Alpacas and cider....hmmm.....yum! Daffodils were nice tho.

See you at the NEC!!

3:52 pm  

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