Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And the winner is...

These were my favourite sausages of Saturday.

Pork, spring onion and chocolate ... Oh yes, the chocolate gave them a sweetness.

I didn't realise that we got to have whole sausages in the tastings, so in less than two hours I had six of them...

They cooked sausages around the town, and there were queues at each place...

This is the last one in the market square.

By the time I'd finished the sausage challenge I was being to hate the queues, so the queue for the food festival was too much and I went and found these...

Here - I also managed to teach some finger knitting, see yarn, got fingers...

And finger knitting can also be used as a skipping rope !!

And I thought I would share one of my presents...

A labour of love, very apt.

And dont you wish you had a brother who sent you cards like this !!!

And I have just managed to count all my circular needles and I have 55, in 14 different sizes. The most popular size is 3.25mm (which is one of the sizes I use the least !)
There are only two size & length combinations that I have 3 of 60cm 3.25 mm and 3.5mm 100cm (for shawls).

So the winner is Amber with a guess of 53 so close !!

And I think Serenknitity deserves a prize for thinking I had just 12 circular needles.

So if you both want to email me with your address something will be put in the post to you soon..
(mad DOT knitter AT virgin DOT net)

I went to the hospital about my ear yesterday - mistake I made was in seeing someone with hayfever - all he would say is that my hearing was perfect, my ears the best he had seen for ages and that it was nothing to do with him (doctor this morning was not impressed - he looked and saw that I'd had recurring infections...) So the thought now is that I have had ear problems but those have cleared up and the pain might be to do with grinding of teeth, so I'm going to try tablets to help me sleep. I've been warned that I might be dozy in the mornings - no change there then !!

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Blogger Nickerjac said...

Make sure you look after your ears, I had a doctor once who told me my ears were fine although I couldn't sleep eat or do anything because of the pain and was sent away, thankfully my mum had more sense and took me to her doctor who diagnosed an infection immediately that almost landed me in hospital because it was so bad. Hope you feel better soon

3:37 pm  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

Wow thank you so much:)
address sent by email
Glad your birthday went well and hope the ears get sorted soon
What circular needles do you recommend?

6:01 pm  
Blogger maylin said...

Chocolate sausages, now that would be worth queuing to try.

Iic's right, maybe you ought to try and get a second opinion or some proper tests or something. What everi tis pain in the ear can drive you crazy - literally. Look after yourself.

8:24 pm  
Blogger yvette said...

Sausages with chocolate, perfect combination!!
If you have no ear infection and still have pain it may be TMJ dysfunction from grinding your teeth. I have this and it took them ages to diagnose it, it is when the cushion part in the joint of your jaw is jammed in the joint.
I now wear a splint to sleep in to stop teeth grinding, it is very lovely...not! Hope you get pain free soon.

7:56 am  

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