Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanks Wibbo

The lovely Wibbo did some clicking for me on a family history site and found out what happened to Great Uncle Kenneth. After reading the report I do remember being told the story once but had forgotten.... It also gives the details of a branch of the family I'd been trying to look in to - hopefully with the correct spelling I might find out more...

And here is what happened to my brave great uncle :-

Joined up Nov 1915 served with the Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders from 1 April 1916. Came home to train for a commission went back out to France April 1918.

Reported missing after fighting at Maroeuil 9 May 1918 and is now known to have been killed in action or to have died of his wounds on or about this date.
His Officer Commander wrote ‘He volunteered to take out a night patrol to enemy front at Maroeuil and the patrol being under fire …. Went forward alone with bombs. My idea is that your son did this with the object of creating a diversion under which his men could retire – a very fine and brave act. Your boy was only a very short time with us, but we were much struck with him, and only the day previously his company commander was saying to the adjutant and me what a fine officer he was’ and his commanding officer : “ I soon noticed how keen he was, one of the most conscientious subalterns I have ever met. The splendid courage he showed in going forward alone will be long remembered in this battalion”

And now I've shared, I will stop talking about dead relatives and concentrate more on knitting - only one more day of pink knitting for me (hopefully !!)



Blogger stash haus said...

Thank you for these stories. They bring Armistice Day (Veterans Day here across the pond) into focus. We learn the history in school (not enough of it, in my opinion), but this gives a name and face (thanks to your photos) to the history.

4:21 am  

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