Friday, November 14, 2008

Down an Alley Way

There is a Small Gallery

The delightful Anne runs it and made a brilliant sign for the door in the cold weather..

In the last few weeks I have been disturbing her a lot !

This is no gallery really put a haven of woolly goodness ...

I cant remember all that is sold but I dont think there is any acrylic to be seen - wool, silk, alpaca, nettle...

For a small space it is crammed full of stock

And there is also a display of under garments - made by a group in Worcester

And can you see who was making herself known on the counter ?

apparently these all started off as bras

and were then decorated...

So if you are down in Hereford, take yourself off to Church Street (it's near the cathedral !)

From High Town go down the alley by the side of M&S..

Then there is another smaller alley down the side of the cheese shop...

But dont go on Monday's as it is Anne's day of rest ;-)

These are my favorite - cups & saucers !!

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