Friday, January 27, 2006

Woo Hoo

Things are improving !!!
In no specific order (as they say...)

I saw this on ebay and have just come back from collecting it - It's bits all move and I think it works (but I'm not sure how)..
Not bad for less than £70 :-)

I started this a few days ago, Pacific Northwest Shawl Finished the seagull, hoping to start the Trees tonight...

Have also made one of these for a friend and she thought it was wonderful :-)

And the best thing - my first parcel from my SP. From Estonia - chocolate bars (will be eaten on the way to Liverpool tomorrow...) A huge hank of wool and a wonderful book on Estonian lace - only had a quick look but think it is different from lace patterns I've already seen.
Thank you so much for your parcel and kind words :-)


Blogger rachel said...

I started the Pacific Northwest shawl too, I'm at the last repeat of seagulls but will stop soon to do my Olympic challenge cable tunic, I'm enjoying the pattern but it's my first real lace project, yours looks great!

5:30 pm  

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