Saturday, April 01, 2006


I did write a post earlier but Blogger ate it.

Feeling really tired after three days at NEC, cant remember what I wrote :-(

Hello to everyone I met at Birmingham, managed to teach some really nice people to knit today, met a 92 year old who has knitted thousands of chicks for Easter, found out that I cant cast on a mobius scarf at New Street Station when tired.

Also found out that you get some *very* strange looks when knitting a squirrel in public...

Off up north again for another funeral on Monday. If all goes to plan photos will appear on Tuesday by then I should know what my name is and be able to remember what I have been upto....


Blogger Annette said...

Good to see you at the show on Thursday. Hope you're feeling more rested now. Spotted another knitter on the train from New Street, but she got off before I could speak to her.

5:33 pm  
Blogger Michele said...

Hi Sue - met you at the show on Saturday. Loved your shadow knit jumper so much I am going to buy the book! Hope the funeral is not too distressing. Will be thinking of you.


1:28 pm  

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