Monday, November 20, 2006

Is it cold up North ?

I hope not !
I'm off for a belated birthday tea tomorrow night in Liverpool, the river is going to be in town as well, but I wont be able to go to that :-(

And then the last show of the season. Four days (and nights) in Harrogate.

Then back to Liverpool and maybe a slight detour on the way back...That roundabout at Shrewsbury the car just want to go West (see I have a problem with wanting to go west at any opportunity !!)

If anyone sees me trying to buy any yarn, will they just remind me how much yarn is in my house and how long it will take me to use a fraction of it... and we wont even mention the amount of material there is (mainly as you cant get into the room that houses it...)

My plan when I get home is to try and sort and orgainise - might even be able to find some floors to hoover for a bit of a novelty :-)

Have a fun week while I'm gone...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must buy more yarn....just think of it as insulating the house, its starting to get chilly, even down here in the south, it's my new excuse anyway!

2:10 pm  

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