Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Flying off the needles...

First, a Tina Shawl update, only two more repeats until I pick up stitches for the borders, so this is the last time you will see this until it is completed - gathered knitting does not make for good photos !!

Back of Aran is now completed.

As I used different yarn to the pattern and didn't check my tension before I started (bad girl!!) I'm going to have to play on the sleeve shaping so it may take a little while to complete the rest...

Two head warmers started last night and finished this morning !!!

The blue & white is based on this I used some aran weight doubled and it came out bigger then it should so I only did 4 reapeats and not the 5 in the pattern.

The other is one of these and it is huge !! So I'm going to put two buttons on it so it can be adjusted.... Made with Colinette Prism.

A nice thick jumper for me taken from the latest Simply knitting. The pattern is for a cardi but as I wanted a jumper I did two backs (and two sleeves!!) Using Freedom chunky from stash and I only ran out of the varigated for two rows of the neck !!

And then we have a yoga mat bag.

This was going to be a Christmas present for a friend, and is now going to be a two weeks late birthday present !!

Pattern was made up as I went a long, it has a crocheted bottom and a very long icord ...

Close up of the cable pattern...

All knitted from stash and two completed for me, so that only leaves another two things before I can buy yarn !!!

Knitting photos are going to be few for a little while, house clearing (not mine !!) OU assignments for two courses (yes I know I'm mad !!) and some rather large knitting that cannot be shown are going to be keeping me amused and the lambing is going well but I dont want to show until the birth is completed....



Blogger Rain said...

Blimey you have been busy.

The shawl looks stunning so far. I love the yoga bag too. Hope you mange to sort something for the aran as it looks lovely so far(I rarely swatch either). Get knitting so you can buy more yarn, come on, faster, faster!

1:36 pm  
Anonymous Sue said...

Ooooooh! Get you, you speedy little knitter!

It's amazing that being told you aren't allowed to buy any more yarn until you finish things actually gets some results!

Seriously lovely stuff!

6:10 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

Wow!!! You have been very busy...are you sure you don't have your Kitty working those needles as well??? hehehe
Love your caps and the tina shawl and sweaters and the yoga mat bag-Whew, that's alot to say, let alone knit!
I, once again, am in awe of your Mad knitting skills!
p.s. the bag is brilliant & I know your Aran will turn out great!

3:07 am  
Blogger maylin said...

Wow, super knitter! I am interested to know if the calorific headband thingy was knitted with same needles as the pattern as I was thinking of using Prism or Skye for it, but the recipient is quiet small so I don't want it to end up too big.
More power to your elbow at this rate you will be back to Bristol by next weekend.

1:47 pm  
Blogger Christina said...

you've been busy. I especially like the aran jumper, which pattern are you using? And the freedom chunky jumper is a lovely colour.

2:04 pm  
Blogger blueadt said...

Wow - you've been very productive - well done!

10:19 am  

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