Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm off....

...Today on a big adventure :-)
Going to Colinette this afternoon, but it looks like I might be going to the shop first thing as I'm running late...
And then Liverpool tomorrow and the big adventure that is Skipnorth at the weekend.

Think I will probably end up stopping in Liverpool on the way back and at the moment I have no idea when I will return home. But the frogs will have probably finished their callings by then..

Sorry for no links, time is against me and I need to find at least 600 of the right words for my ou assignment (worst topic yet, 'does good palliative care remove the need for euthanasia ?')
Still not packed clothes, but have got all my amusements ready waiting by the door - priorities in the right place !!

Have fun and see you when I return.


Blogger Suemoon said...


I couldd probably find you 3000 just on the use of th word 'need' in that essay title!

The knitting sounds way more fun, though if I can gt any articles for you we have a huge library at work, just let me know!


3:06 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

Hope you get it all done on time. Rather you than me.

LOL, my first thought for a trip away is what I'll knit while I'm gone.

8:06 pm  

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