Monday, February 19, 2007

Books & boxes...

The fog on Saturday was not just local it continued all the way to Chipping Norton - and Broadway was the worse, there is a really good view from the top but it was hard to even see the road !!

We continued with the clear out, the loft that didn't look like it had much stuff to move contained boxes and boxes of books and old clothes... There was a small bedroom that also had lots of boxes of books and old clothes...

We found an empty book bank in Chipping Norton, by Sunday lunchtime it was full !!

If you are ever visiting Chippy drive to Whichford and go to the Norman Knight it will be well worth the drive. Well kept beer (some brewed out the back) and wicked food, words cant describe the sticky toffee pudding ;-)

I managed to get home last night (with a slight detour, must concentrate more... think it was a North/South problem this time instead of my usual East/West)
I slept better than I have done for weeks, but I still feel tired, so I'm planning another early night and then I might be more 'normal' tomorrow... and I might even be able to do some knitting.....


Blogger Susan said...

Hope you were able to rest & catch up on sleep. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.

3:27 am  
Blogger Rain said...

It sounds like quite a weekend. I'm avoiding the impending clear out that we have planned, I never want to part with anything.

Hope you get the sleep you need soon.

7:37 pm  

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