Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tis the season

First I really must show some goodies that have arrived recently.

From my secret pal all the way from Australia - some wonderfully soft wool, sweetly smelling traditional soap, chocolate with coffee, and a bookmark of the Harbour Bridge as well as a sticker with a kangaroo.
And look at the bag they came in - why dont we have bags like that over here ?

And my pal also sent me a postcard of the sheep with lots of wool (memory not what it should be, cant remember his name)

And I got some other sheepy stuff for being a good girl and not going to Ally Pally.

You might need to click to read the card - so true !!

I've not grown the sheep yet, time and motion problems....

Thank you secret pal and not so secret friend (sock yarn was wicked, and will be on the needles before the end of the year...)

And now some season fruitfulness...

And while I was clearing up recently I found this - it still needs to be finished after several years sitting in a bag. It was going to be a cushion but now I need to do some more edging so it can be framed...

Designed by Elian McCready.

And the shawl from the last post was the Autumn mystery shawl from Goddess Knits.

Here it is sitting the churchyard, not easy to photograph as it's rather large...

Yarn is Colinette old DK in sahara colourway.

I've been busy since my last post, doing lots of knitting ans sewing in ends, all will be revealed soon.

I went to Get Knitted on Saturday and met Rain and Terri and sat and spun on Sue's comfy sofas for most of the day. Rain brought along her friend Steph who has only been knitting for a week and brought more yarn than the rest of us ! It was so good to see such an enthusiastic new knitter and I look forward to seeing her blog and what she makes with the pack of yarn she went home with !!
I was good and only came away with yarn with a purpose, which I'm not sharing as most were for presents...

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