Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WI Embroidery

Also at ICHF shows is a section with lots of WI embroideries some are modern and some are not - the earliest I saw was from 1919...

Queen is done in fillet crochet...

As I took then photos (badly) on Saturday night I wasn't paying attention to what they were...

So I think it is best to let the picture speak for themselves..

This one was old.... 1919 they think...

And who wouldn't like to sit on this ?

This week they are in Harrogate with Gill
(who will probably have pins in her hands as I type !!)


Blogger Gill said...

Sue, you've chosen some of my faves - I love the cushion which has the words "For Bone and Comfy" on the badge in place of Home and Country!

Glad you enjoyed the exhibition. See you in Cardiff.

5:59 pm  

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