Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Loopy loves Penny Lane !

For those that humoured me over the summer..

The most unusual place that Loopy visited was Penny Lane !!!

Behind the fence is my school playing fields - at the other end of the road is where my doctors was when I was growing up. My uncle was in a nursing home on the road as well so I dont think it is very unusual .....

So I win a Loopy gift certificate !!!

I'm a happy girl :-))

I think I might have a bit of a break from revision this morning, and the exciting thing I'm going to do .. go and buy some guttering and see if I can fix the drip above the back door... And dont worry it's only six foot off the ground so I wont have far to fall, just the interesting problem of how to get 8 metres of guttering in the car.... (Ok I do know that it comes in 2 metre lengths before anyone thinks I dont know what I'm doing !!)


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