Thursday, November 08, 2007

Malvern Quilts

Last weekend saw the first Autumn quilt show at Malvern.

I had a very quick visit, but took lots of photos !!

This is part of a wooden wall carving...
Lots of sheep is you look hard enough (click to make bigger)

I think I've got the pattern for this one ....

I liked all the pots looking different but being the same..

Apple anyone ?

And there were sheep in quilts....

Someone said 'yuk, what's that furry thing ?'

And they were nextdoor to the Sheep Centre

Quilters are a focused bunch !!

This was one of my favourites... I've got a thing for Sunflowers and Sweet Peas (but they didn't have a quilt of them ...)

They were in 3D, folded material...

And this reminded me of spiro graph patterns of the 70's... (I've still got some of the plastic cogs..)

There were lots more quilts and I only came away with three patterns, all for Christmas presents...

I'm off to London tomorrow for the Stitch n Bitch day, if you are going please come and say hello, I'll be on the Knitting and Crochet Guild Stand. I think I've got everything together, but have this feeling I've missed something out - there will be new old knickers on display (if I ever get the side seams sewn up, and I think I will be knitting some on the train..)

Did you know that there are nearly as many stitches in the front of knickers as in the front of a jumper - no wonder they have been taking me so long !!

When I come back I've got a trip planned on Tuesday to Welshpool, and a stain glass taster day on Friday before packing the car up again and heading north to Harrogate. I'm so relieved that I'm taking the car there so don't have to work out what I can and can't carry.. I cant believe it's come round so quickly ...

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Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Lovely quilts! - look forward to seeing you on Saturday

6:57 pm  
Blogger maylin said...

Hmm car + Harrogate Show. Methinks there will soon be a post of stash enhancement....

12:50 pm  

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