Friday, November 07, 2008

For Hazel

As requested how to make a clampable display stand...

First drill holes in the end of two bits of 1 x2 wood.

The uprights are this length on the long supports (the drop to the table is Daffy length)

And then cut two base bits..

I cant remember why I chose this measurement....

Then attach the two bits together....

And the other side

And both sides...

Then clamp to a surface - here the ironing board !!
I use single hand release clamps from here One of the cheapest DIY places and next day delivery :-)

Another view of the clamp

And the reason for the blanket - to hide the clamp when on display.
I fold it under the wood to protect whatever is on the table.
All that is left is for a ridged green garden cane suspended between the holes and with a sheet, cloth etc threaded on, and there you have it a tall display that fits easily into the back of a car and can be put up easily :-)



Blogger KnitYoga said...

Sue, you are such a star! Thank you SO much for posting this! Now to work! :-)

1:09 pm  

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