Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How I do charts

I was asked for 'lace help' yesterday.

After a few emails back and forth I thought others might be interested on my lace ways.

I have tried to take photos but they didn't work so you will have to imagine ...

The main aid to charts (be they lace, colour work or cables) is a magnetic board. I will come as no surprise that I have a collection of them, A4, (from an on line needlework shop) and A3 from ebay, and a floor stand from Woolly Workshop.

The next thing I use is a folded piece of white paper. I move this up the chart row by row. If the chart legend is complicated I write the key on the folded paper.

Moving the paper up the chart means that you can see what the previous rows looked like and see if things are not matching up.... So if you were on row 9 the paper will be over row 10 or 11 with only the rows before visible.

Another useful aid is a row clicker, so if the cat jumps on the board and moves the guiding paper all is not lost !

I hope this all makes sense and helps...

Gabrielle - I'm seeing your Mum later, I'll ask her about the smash ;-) Do you need an emergency supply sending or can you get it over there ?

And tomorrow there will be a photo of a new four legged to the area...

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Blogger Gabrielle said...

Ha! I've had a cold but I am not-so-ill that I need to result to the Martian Smash!

(But weren't those old ads brilliant?!)

6:08 pm  
Blogger Gill said...

Aaaah, Sue....you are so helpful! Thanks for sharing your skills!

11:21 am  

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