Monday, April 03, 2006

Good to be back

Got up to Liverpool in good time, surprisingly (not)it was raining for most of the journey. Delivered brother's birthday presents and took some frog spawn to my cousin's, they weren't too impressed with me and have told me to take chocolates and flowers next time I visit and not an unusual Auntie Sue present...
Also took a bin liner of acrylic to a friend to knit for charity.

Today I went to my first requiem mass and then burial. In the past I have managed to miss the grave side by helping with refreshments, but it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Day went very well, lovely service and it did not rain !!!
Hoping not to have to wear black for a while....

When I got home I found a box on my stairs - one of the good things about living in a small village and having a lovely nextdoor neighbour feeding my cats while I was away. My final parcel from my secret pal. Too tired to photograph tonight but it is BRILLANT, I'm a very happy girlie, and she is very thoughtful.
The person spoiling me has been
And I have been spoiling

Will post photos tomorrow... now sleep and squirrel knitting....


Blogger Fred said...

Glad you got back ok. Pinky and Greeny brought in a squirrel pattern on the Sunday which had a loopy tail on. Think it was a Woman's Weekly supplement - perhaps worth bearing in mind for future drey building?

10:47 pm  

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