Tuesday, April 04, 2006

SP7 parcel

This was what was in my box from Liia in Estonia.
There is a large ball of greeny roving, one of red and a tonal blue.
Two bags of tops in green and red.
A Ball of pale blue merino with a pattern for a baby cardi and hat on the inside of the band.
A large ball of pure red wool and two smaller ones in blues (calling out to be mittens.... )
Three packets of small beads and film canister with larger yellow beads in.
Two bars of chocolate, cherry and coffee flavours - how did you know coffee is my favourite ;-)
A marzipan dog in a bag (didn't want his photo taken, and has come out unrecognisable)
And the best for last - two books of Estonia Patterned Mittens, the patterns are amazing, guess what everyone is going to be getting for Christmas ???

Was so excited by this parcel needed to share, now off to have breakfast....


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