Monday, May 15, 2006

Action shots

They managed to rescue all the furniture from the bar & restaurant, including the flowers ! One of the landlord's children had just been put to bed above the kitchen when the fire started :-( Everyone was rescued :-) The saved furniture moved round the village into garages and village hall by human chains. There were 12 fire engines there, but they managed to save a lot of the thatch and stop the fire spreading to anywhere else. Fire people were there all night, most of the village were about until midnight.

And this is the result, not a pretty pub :-(
Sure it will be rebuilt to it's full glory, and the smell of smoke will leave the village soon.

Thanks to P for the photos, the power of email !

And now I'm off to do some study and knit a odd wristwarmer....


Blogger ambermoggie said...

house round the corner from us lost its thatch few weeks ago and has now been pulled down:( rumour has it they are rebuilding something twice as big we will see
and BTW what do odd wristwarmers look like???

5:35 pm  

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