Thursday, April 27, 2006

Summer has come....

This is some of my pear blossom.
The apple tree is just beginning to burst into flower, but the orchards are not showing colour yet.
The strawberry pickers have arrived, they are being driven round on the back of a tractor so Polish will be the language spoken round here...

And this is some of flowering cherry blossom, unfortunately it doesn't produce fruit but is a nice tree.

I saw two swallows yesterday so summer is here :-)

And this is the sorry state of my pond - it has more holes than I can count and the water has dropped about two foot. The tadpoles are still going strong, got to catch some for nextdoor's grand daughter later, nearly fell in yesterday trying to get some... The fish were very 'active' yesterday, one poor females was being chased by lots of little boy fish, lots of splashing of tails.

I've got someone coming round to see about relining this morning so soon it should be back to looking like this.

Knitting is continuing and I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend I should be able to post some photos of things wot I have finished ....


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