Friday, May 12, 2006

Near Naked Man

I was asked today when was the last time I had a near naked man in my garden... the man who questioned me was standing in my pond wearing not a lot of clothes... and so a week in the life of my pond, and the story of pond man and pond boy.

This was the end of day one. Old liner and bits of carpet removed and looking a lot better than previously.
End of day two. I pretty brick wall built to hold liner (lasts longer than the ply wood that was there before).
The following day pond man arrived late. Pond boy had been boxing with his brother and broken his nose, so was taken to hospital to have it looked at. When he returned it didn't look broken, normal shape, a bit red, but the little love kept picking it ...

And this is the final result (fish to be rehomed next week once the water has warmed up). Pond Man spent most of the morning in the pond cementing stones round liner. Pond boy spent his time inching his bum in his baggy shorts...

I haven't done much knitting. Started a French Market bag yesterday, it's huge, using Freedom wool I got at NEC and some from Skipnorth trip. Was sent some yarn porn this morning, so playing with that at the moment - cant settle on one thing, but will take photos this time and post as soon as I can...


Blogger Anna said...

The pond looks lovely!!!

4:21 pm  
Blogger jutupaun said...

Oh I just can't wait when I have cahnge to do ponds, flowerbeds and this kind of stuff in my garden. Right now we are just looking the right place where to build a house and where to make our new home.

8:13 am  

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