Thursday, May 04, 2006


Something has been bugging me for a few days.
Why is it that I keep being asked if I'm married or have kids ?
When the pond man was round collecting the deposit the conversation went like this:

Pond Man 'What's your name ?'
Me 'Sue ***'
Pond Man 'Are you married ?'
Me 'No, but I was a long time ago, been by myself for 9 years'
Pond Man ' I'm having problems with my wife....'
Me 'Where did I put my cheque book.....?'

I suppose it is different to 'my wife doesn't understand me....' But why the question does my new pond depend on the answer, is he just trying it on (and I'm not going there), or just curious why a single woman needs a three bedroom house with a large garden (if he could see the ammount of stash and seedlings growing he'd know..) Is this one of the unexplained mysteries in life.
And now I'm wondering whether I ask him why he asked, or does that sound like I'm interested, or shall I just wait to see if he brings any talent with him next week...

Sorry about this but here are two strange lace pictures (will explain on next post...)

This is a page from the lovely book on Estonian Lace Liia sent me in SP7

And this is Debbie New's lace boat from Unexpected knitting.

Right I'm off for the day with Auntie, got I feeling I might not be speaking to her by the end of the day.... feeling snappy... and dont want to listen to how wonderful my cousin's son is all day...


Blogger blueadt said...

I'm married with one child aged 10 & still get asked if we're having any more children! As if one wasn't enough. It's probably as you've said because you have house & garden to yourself & he's curious/noisy.

Re your Aunt - my MIL constantly sings about my nieces but isn't interested in our DD - her sons' child. He has tackled her about this as it used to be REALLY obvious & she said that finds it hard to feel the same about our DD as she came out of my womb & not that of one of her daughters! She makes me SO mad!!!

12:54 pm  
Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

Men in lace or in lace?

Hmmmmm....quite like the second lace. :-D

9:07 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

Hmm, might it be that seething masses of frogspawn bring forth images of fertile women surrounded by tiddlers?

4:45 pm  

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