Sunday, May 21, 2006

Baby and Sheeps

Baby Annabelle Chole Emily arrived in the early hours of Thursday morning, and went home wrapped in the mammoth baby shawl. Mother, baby and granny are all fine. Baby hat is slightly too small but it wont take long before it fits. We have decided that she will have to wait until it gets cooler before I start knitting silly littles but as she is a very pink girlie at the moment some pig booties might have to happen soon ;-)

And now for photos of a soggy Small Holders Show in Builth Wells. A good day out, I was very well controlled and did not spend much, and cant show what I bought as they are mostly for my Secret Pal. Sorry there are a lot of photos, not much wool in usable state, mostly on the animal !!

This is a map of sheep breeds and where they live (I think) and what the wool can be used for.

Sheeps in coats - yes honestly they are. Apparently in the fields near Colinette they wear coats made from tea towels, and flowerly material....

Look how tall I am on tip toes ....

Who's eaten all the pies ? This sheep was a fat is it looked. A solid beast, wouldn't like to meet it in a dark alley !!

Let sleeping pigs lie....

Not sure if this was felted or just placed fleece, but a wonderful picture from someone in the Lake District.

And I was going to post some other silly photos - (does anyone know what 'Pig Oil' is ? ) but blogger wont have it....

I'm off for a few days, will try and post on my return (if I remember...)


Anonymous Your Secret Pal said...

Lovely, a new baby to knit for!

9:05 pm  

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