Saturday, May 20, 2006


I've had a really busy day.
First thing I planted up most of the veg plot, then the rain came down. Every day since they said there was going to be a drought it has been raining ... I dont understand....

Then I went to Malvern to Quilt UK.
Arrived at lunchtime, more luck than anything and it was not that busy. I was relatively good with purchases

Some fat quarters in wicked seventies patterns and some farmyard designs.

A pattern for a circular cushion with blue clematis design, a greeting cat for my nextdoor neighbour, she is going to be 80 next Saturday.

And some patterns for Christmas decorations and 3D flowers.

Apart from some stuff for my secret pal that was it.

This was the overall winner.

The best humour - by a quilting group they all had done self portraits, and you could just tell what type of women they were ;-)

Just very pretty...

Pieced woodland - I'd love to be able to do this type of thing - I've got the patterns but time is lacking !

The seams on this were so straight, different colours of organza were used behind the windows to give the light affect. Trees were sort of three dimensional.

And this was a patchwork background with flowers added.

There were lots more quilts, some were well made, some were to my taste but I must admit a lot weren't !
They had white gloves available so that the quilts could be examined more closely if you were so inclined.

I'm now off to watch UK get nil points.
More adventures tomorrow - promise of pictures of sheep, tops, spinning, and maybe yarn ! Might even have done some knitting !!


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