Friday, May 26, 2006

Interesting Shop Front

Walking the streets of Leamington Spa I knew where I wanted to be but took ages to find it... and here it is....

Why was I so excited by a plain exterior....

Well, Anna doesn't just sell sock wool, she has many other things in her shop.
And one of the better things is that I had it to myself, I could look and fondle without being pushed around and rushing back to the Relax and Knit stand !
Yes this is inside of Web of Wool.

There was Rowan, Colinette, and lots of Clover and Britany.
I got some wool for another sock jumper in greens, blues and creams - this time I'm not going to get it to match. A couple of balls of pink sock wool and several dpn sets, as well as some clover bits and pieces.

I spent a relaxing time in Stratford, nearly drowned in the rain... I had a good time with my friend. Her daughter is just begining a messy battle with her soon to be ex, early days but she will be stronger by the end and I'm we are all behind her and hope he gets all that is coming to him !!

I went to Ryton organic Gardens in Coventry on the way back home. A very interesting place to visit, a bit early in the season. Composting was amazing...


Blogger blueadt said...

Ohh - you lucky thing. I'd love to visit Web of Wool - I think I'd be drooling.....

5:59 pm  
Blogger Fred said...

Well that makes two of us green with envy. I found the only way I could get to WoW was first thing in the morning!

10:01 pm  

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