Thursday, November 30, 2006

Advent Calendar

I was thinking about post advent pictures each day until Christmas, but the pressure of posting each day was too much, and I have not got enough pictures of doors ....

So here is one I made last year.

Each bed is a pocket.

And I must find a hanging rod and put it up ....

I've been doing lots of little knits, nearly finished a pink ballet cardi, just got to do the ties and front bands, all are 9 stitches wide and too long for my liking, but someone's niece wil love it (hopefully).
I've also finished knitting a blue sailor's jumper for a friend'd baby. Both need sewing up.., may be a job for tomorrow.... And then there will be photos..

In answer to Frankie, I'm not sure where you can buy crocs, I got my first pair in Ledbury (not that that helps you...) and as I didn't get a show catalogue I cant tell you who was selling them at Harrogate. They are available on Ebay but you need to try them before you buy as the sizes are slightly different to ordinary shoes...


Anonymous Yvonne said...

Someone's niece will adore it and I'm forever grateful for you helping me out!

I made them advent calenders a few years ago and now have to remember to send 48 little presents each year - a bit late posting them this year but they should arrive for tomorrow!

i'm having fun googling for crocs

9:03 pm  
Blogger Artis-Anne said...

Love the advent calendar; like the idea of each day as a bed. I know what you mean about doing lots of knits and I am in panic mode at the moment eeek will I get it all done in time ?

8:51 am  
Anonymous Katherine said...

That is absolutely beautiful!

I've seen Crocs in lots of outdoor shops, for people looking for them.

12:41 pm  
Blogger maylin said...

Love the advent calendar and I know all the ladies in my patchwork group (where I sit and knit!) would. Is there a pattern?

2:09 pm  

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