Monday, December 04, 2006

Broken the back

At last I've finished the back of the aran - the thread is where I was up to on Saturday morning... and yes I have just sat and knitted for most of the weekend, thank goodness for ITV3...
There are several design features in it, but as a total non-knitter is going to wear it I didn't have the will frog and correct. The side cables are meant to twist the same way but I've managed to get them alternating without trying to !!

And the pink is for a little girl with long arms, and Auntie is going to sew it up (cant believe she actually likes sewing up..)

And now I'm off to see how much water is on the fields...And I hope the electric can stay on while my fruit cakes are in the oven, it was off for about 4 hours Saturday night due to the storms... I love overhead cables in the countryside !!


Blogger Kerry said...

The aran is beautiful, even as a knitter I think it looks perfect and it would be a gift to treasure. I sure wish someone was giving me something that fabulous

5:18 pm  
Anonymous Sue said...

Looks fab! Don't step in a deep puddle!

6:33 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

People like sewing up? Ew. It's a very pretty colour.

The Aran looks fabulous, you seem to be flying along with it.

Mary had a little lamb, she tied it to a pylon, 3000 volts shot up it's bum and turned it's wool to nylon. Wrap up warm and take care if you do venture out.

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The aran is looking very nice, it will make a lovely present.

And it's your fault, I was looking at crocs this morning!!

1:12 pm  

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