Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Little Jumper

A bad photo, but hopefully you can sort of see Peter's jumper.
I think I got carried away with the sizing, Mum says that it should fit him for two Winters !!

From a Debbie Bliss baby book that is under the cat at the moment (!!) made in James Brett Merino, lovely to knit with...

And the journey home on Saturday was one of the silliest I've ever had, total strangers giggling all the way home .. this might loose something in the telling but I'll try..

The train to Hereford was waiting at the platform for us, this caused confusion so it took a while for people to get aboard. I got on and sat at a empty table, two male Poles sat at the table the other side of the aisle. They were confused as to whether the train was going to Hereford (as most people who got on were..)

Within minutes of sitting down opposite each other, they were lying across the two seats fast asleep. The train filled up to standing room only. The guard tried to wake them up and get them to sit up so people could use the other seats.. one had to be shaken by his mate to sit up...
One thought he was at Hereford and tried to get off, other told him to sit down (or something like that )

A very brave girl sat down (other seat stayed empty for the whole journey home)
By this stage there were three females and a suitcase at my table. The four of us were discussing how funny it would be to wake them up at each stop and tell them it was Hereford and see if they got off, but we just let them sleep.

After about half an hour the brave girl got up - not impressed with Poles head falling on her shoulder (he still stayed fast asleep)

There was a change of people at my table - two teenagers sat down and took photos of the drunks. Two younger girls got on later and were also taking photos (even with the flash they didn't wake)

By Worcester one had slid off his seat and had his legs wrapped round a bag on the floor..
By the time I got off he was lying under the table still fast asleep...

They were completely unaware of anything around them.. I've never seen people asleep in such strange positions before, their heads were wobbling all over the place and as for the one that ended up under the table, you really had to be there..

And the unanswered question of the evening, what was with the cushion in the bag ?

I'm going to Birmingham again this week, will they be on the train again, or will it be a boring journey ? Time will tell.....

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Blogger ambermoggie said...

sounds like you had a good time:)
thanks for the fabulous yarn haven't photographed yet as its a little haywire here. Mr Mogs MRI tomorrow and its been a week of trying to distract him:)
love the colour of the yarn I'm thinking hat and fingerless gloves?

8:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do have larks!

5:59 pm  

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