Saturday, November 01, 2008

Last weekend

I got up early

And went to Hereford to meet some friends at the food festival.

This was a hairy biker but not the ones that most people had come to see ;-)

We missed the chance to see the biker's cooking demo from the warmth of inside... But on seeing people standing on the steps realised that we could see inside from outside...This is the only picture I managed of Dave...

And then I got someone to stand behind me so that the glare on the window disappeared (we did cause a bit of chaos getting people to stand to block out the light so photos worked...)
But this is Si making a pudding (and the shadow of a big bloke...)

It was cold at the race course, and this sign caused us to laugh - all three of us were wearing glasses !!
While I've been quiet I have been knitting, catching up on sleep, and visiting the vets several times - sickly is now out of his collar, he managed to rub off some fur either side of his head, but his scar is healing well and we are all enjoying him being allowed out :-)
And in a hope of getting back into blogging I'm going to try and post everyday in November...
So tomorrow there will be photos of knitting :-)

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Blogger Yvonne said...

good to hear that you are both doing better!

11:40 pm  

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