Wednesday, February 11, 2009


One of the 'problems' of living where I do is that when it is snowy or icy you cant get out of the village easily.

This was taken last Friday - a day when we weren't meant to get any snow !! Very pretty it looked, but it is getting a bit boring now, planning when to go up the lanes with minimum slide factor...

Today the buses (what few there are) aren't running because there are too many cars stuck in ditches on the route and it is not safe to drive on sheet ice..

Yesterday I did mange to get out and ventured as far as Leominster.

We found a walk along the side of the railway with this amazing gate.

And with the house arrest of last week I have been knitting - I've finished the back of the aran, started the baby doll tunic (needed samples for Cheltenham show later in the week) and completed a tank top (or it will be once I sew in the ends)

Who knows I might actually manage to get some photos taken soon ;-)

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Blogger Knittings Nice! said...

Brrrr is right on the coast we had snow last week...just two days. We've been quite lucky...mind you today has been freezing, one of those days when even the central heating doesn't warm the house. Anyway this pm have been baking and now come on here to have a looksee at Colinette, fancy making a lovely throw. Hope your well...for now Teresa.

3:20 pm  

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