Monday, March 28, 2011

Look I've been knitting !

Just to prove that I can still knit here is a nearly completed hap shawl, from Sharon Miller's Hap book.

I cant remember exactly how long I've been knitting it for but it is about 3 weeks.

I did get a lot done last week while I waited for Neil to have some MRI scans. He was in the machine for 2 hours - it was not a good day (I was sat watching the budget in the waiting area)

The next two days neither of us were functioning well.

Tomorrow he has a pre op assessment and a CT scan.

This time in Bristol, he will probably be there for about 3 hours.

I'm going to go shopping

Today we have been dyeing.

First we made some extra long skeins (using an old bit of bed)

Then I mixed the dye under strict supervision before we both painted halves of skeins.

After a steam this was it cooling.

And this is now long the skeins are...

And I do know I'm only short but they are taller than me !!

The plan is to make a crocheted waistcoat, in stripes. I'm going to be spending a while spit & splicing over the next few days before I start hooking...

The boys both enjoyed a lie out in the sun. If you click for bigger you should be able to see the ducks who have worked out that they cant be caught if they sit at the far side of the pond or get on the water...

So another long day of hospital visits tomorrow, hopefully the last for a few weeks. Neil has been 'pencilled' in for his op at the end of April. It wont be before the 19 as the surgeon is on holiday until then...

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