Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not good....

I think it is about time I resurrect this poor unloved blog...

I would love to give stories of how good married life is, details of our new life in the country surrounded by animals and beds of vegetables but things have not worked out how either of us imagined.

Neil has not been well for a while, he has been complaining about tingling in his hands for years, his left hand is not working as it should do, unable to grip and not having much feeling in it.
After changing to my doctors he was referred to a neurosurgeon in Gloucester.
We then went through many hours in hospitals, MRI scans, the doctors appointments.
Currently he has an pre op examination/appointment at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol followed by a CT scan in a couple of weeks, and we are waiting for an appointment for another MRI scan...

They think he has had a tumour growing in his neck for 30 years. It has only been in the last five years it has been causing him problems. We have spoken to the 'main man' for spinal surgery at Frenchay, the tumour is rare, (he has only seen 2 others in 15 years of practice) but surgery of the top of the spine is something they are very used to doing.

Unfortunately the tumour is pushing against his spinal cord (as the doc said, he doesn't know how he is as well as he is). This could cause problems when they remove it, as they dont know how the cord will react without anything pressing against it, if it moves back slowly there is more chance of a full recovery, if it expands quickly then things are not good (and we are talking about as bad is it could be)

I go through days when things are difficult, I have lots of good friends that I can talk to and who will help out if need be. We are trying our best to be optimistic, we dont think the surgeon would operate if he thought things would not work out ok.

I have been trying to keep myself occupied, I was unable to concentrate on knitting for a while so have taught myself to follow crochet patterns.... so far one shawl, one blanket, a waistcoat and about half of another blanket.

We have known about the tumour for a couple of months, we have come to terms with him being 'poorly' (even though he doesn't look ill, all very strange really), I do have a problem trying to explain to others just how ill he is, and then I feel bad about spreading bad news, yes he is ill, yes it could be bad, but on the other hand they can do something about it, he may get the use of his hand back (and want an electric ukulele), or he may end up the same as he is now without the threat of loosing use of his arms & legs...

Hey ho.

We still have plans to move to Wales, we saw some interesting houses last week - who would think that hedges go green in the summer (you really had to see the wasteland the horse had dug up in their garden to appreciate how bleak the sea view was, and now they sat out in the garden with the wind, goodness knows....)
We have made an offer on a property, 8 acres of flat land, lots of farm building and a small cottage. If we do get it (and it does depend on selling at least one house, and the planning department) then we are going to have alpacas, kune kune pigs, angora goats, chickens, ducks and seasonal turkeys... and then there is talk of having some rare breed sheep...

I dont know if it is good for my stress levels getting my house ready to sell at the same time as being the responsible adult around here, but it will keep me busy and stop me thinking too much, which is bad for me.

So we will be trying to sell two houses at once, not an ideal plan....

I decided that I will update this blog with details of what is happening, I'm getting confused as to who knows what and who I owe emails/pm's to...

It is not good, but we are strong, and we will get through it, with help from the boys....

And this is what happens when I leave my chair, the cat is sitting on most of my knitting needles (in home made rolls)


Blogger Jane said...

OK - I've deleted the b word, sh word and totally failed to find something to say that matches Neils amazing wit.

I hope of course for the very best outcome from the surgery and that you can both draw strength and comfort from each other and your close friends and family. May your dream in Wales have the smoothest possible road to fruition and your house sales confound the current market.
And hugs, lots of hugs.

7:28 pm  
Blogger Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Ah I see, you had to crochet because the cat and dog are knitting, it is all clear now:) You know our thoughts are with you both and we are always at the end of the phone if you want a moan:) Thats what friends are for.
Anyway Neil has to get well, what about the angry birds otherwise? You would have to take over(if you haven't already)

7:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh God, poor you. I'm so sorry - I really hope things work out well.

I've an idea how you're feeling, my husband was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma nine years ago, and we spent 18 months or so trying everything, sadly to no avail. I hope you get a very different outcome.



9:10 pm  
Blogger Heather said...

Big hugs to both of you.

I hope the op and everything go as well as possible. Good luck with the house selling and buying, the new place sounds lovely! I look forward to seeing your crochet :-)

9:51 pm  
Anonymous Gill said...

Would a hug be in order, do you think? ;-)

Sending as many as you need for now, plus a few to keep on hand for the wee small hours.

Oh and one or two extra, just in case.

Better make that a few more, because Neil might need some too.

Oh poo.

9:58 pm  
Blogger Wibbo said...

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome. Sending hugs too ... Jan x

12:27 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

Mr CK and I are sending lots of love and hugs your way. What a shock this must all have been but Neil really is in good hands now (yours, as well as the medical hands) now.

6:43 pm  
Blogger Maggie said...

So sorry to hear your news Sue. Fingers crossed for the selling and buying of houses. We're just finishing (well, our builder is) a major renovation and extension on a house we hope to spend the rest of our lives in. So we'll be selling our home once we've moved, though suspect it will be difficult to sell as it needs "everything" doing to it! So glad to see you back blogging again.

Hugs from Liverpool, Maggie

1:03 pm  
Blogger suse-the-slow-knitta said...

fingers crossed for you both!

5:28 pm  
Anonymous Georgina (remoteknitter) said...

I have been dropping by and longing for an update on your new life with Neil. Thank you for posting again - it must have been hard with such difficult news to deliver. I really hope that everything goes well with neil's surgery. How wonderful that you found each other and that he is not alone in this. You will really have to dig deep not to be overwhelmed in the house buying process, but with your powerful outlook on life I am sure you will find a dream home. Thinking of you X X

9:31 am  

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