Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad Hair & Olympic knitting

I didn't realise I was having such a bad hair day yesterday. Went to find a hairdresser, went into a salon and asked to speak to someone about what to do - receptionist said do you want to talk about colour & cut !! I know my natural highlights are getting worse but.... so made appointment to talk to someone about colour and then have to go back for the work to be done....

This is my Olympic knitting as of midnight last night. 50 rows of sleeve.
It has grown this morning and I'm up to row 90.... Think I've just about learnt the colour changes and when to purl/knit on the reverse.

Team GB now has it's own blog, view everyones progress here

And now for some more knitting, hoping to finish the sleeve today and then cast on for the body when I will have 316 stitches - progress will slow then ;-)


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