Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happy Knitting

gorgeous is growing - 'just' got to do four joining bits and 8 inches on each sleeve. Then lots of ends to sew in....

This is domino rug/throw made from Colinette mohair, boucle, skye, prism (and maybe some others... cant remember what I had...)

Just come back from a walk and met these along the banks of the River Wye.

And to show where I live, my house is one of the ones at the top if the ridge, River Wye in the foreground and the sheep were hiding behind me....

I'm nearly ready for the Olympics starting tomorrow night, never had to wait so long before starting to knit something.... I have to try and see if I can knit whilst watching the rugby (didn't manage it last week !!)


Blogger KnitYoga said...

Very picturesque where you live. Good luck with the Knitting Olympics! By the way, I've ordered a Portmanteau book from Colinette so don't need one now, thanks. I'm told that the pattern calls for Colinette chenille. Can one still get Colinette chenille???

1:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. That is really beautiful. Sheeps and river, that is my dream home landskape also.

7:40 am  

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