Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the last week

I have not done any knitting I can take photos of :-(
I have been busy round and about, and found out a few things....

Small village churches don't hold a lot of people and you really do have to be there an hour before funerals start. Even though I did have my knitting with me, we were so squashed in the pew I couldn't/daren't do any.
Farmers who dont like diy take chain saws to doors when they have new carpets fitted. They also had a really good game when sitting next to person asleep with mouth open - empty packet of drinks sweeteners into sleeping mouth and see what the reaction is and how long they take to wake up ;-)
It was a happy funeral, church packed, no one wanted to stand outside in the rain listening on the speakers. But the rain did stop for the burial.

Then a rush down the lane and a quick change for by neighbour's surprise 80th birthday party. She really didn't know anything about it, so hard to keep quiet as she has been complaining about the 'thing' her daughter had planned for her - We all got shouted at as being a cheats. It was a good do, and a chance to talk to people that I usually only say hello to in the lane. Next weekend I'm off to a 100th birthday party of someone else in the village - they live long round here :-)

Spent a while potting up plants in greenhouse, still dont understand why I planted so many cucumbers.... the beans have taken to their frame and managing to climb up without much help.

I have done a lot of knitting but at the moment cant show what I've done. Did finish the wide scarf that is as tall as me, currently working on beanie hats and a frilly bag. Yarn is really easy to knit with but going to be expensive.....
Cant wait until I can do some of my own stuff and post pickies ...

And the thing I'm doing most of my time - study. I've got an OU exam on 12 June, the first one for a very long time, three hours, three essays, all on Health and Social Care. An interesting subject but all that writing and remembering strange names, does anyone care who Goffman was or what he wrote about ?
And I'm also doing a couple of short courses, Nutrition and Genetics. Not looked at the genetics yet, but nearly half way on the nutrition, they have only one assignment due either end of July or October, I was planning to go for July but...

And so my knitting is on a back burner, only comes out at night, but I'm hoping in a few weeks exam over, one course down, veg all under control I can start to be creative again, you never know the WRS might make it onto the needle for the third time.....


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