Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How many blankets ?

On the way up north the car was full of bubble wrap, flat boxes, unwanted acrylic.... On the way back it was full of blankets (from my Uncle's, curious as to how many blankets there were lurking in the house....) and yet more Colinette 4 ply (yes I know I had more than I could possibly use last week, but I am a girl that cant say no !!)

I spent most of the holiday fighting with other people's possessions - and Lou you still need to reduce the amount of boxes by at least a half, remember if it is broken or you don't know what it is, then it goes in the bin. If it has a practical use then you can keep it (my wool collection falls into the keep category, made sure I worded it right ...)

I also managed to get some of the crochet items my grandmother made. They are in a vacuum bag at the moment. Want to investigate but the smell of moth balls too overpowering, need to wait until I can wash them and put away properly. I stretched my friend's washing line trying to get rid of the smell on the blankets, one night in the open air got rid of the smell and all the midges from the garden !

Now what can I do with lots of plain blankets ? Was thinking of dying and making patchwork things or dry felting into strange objects....

Baby shawl is now on 26 repeats, think it will only make 40 in length. It weighs a lot of the moment and with baby I hope mother has done some arm exercises ;-)

I have been dealing with cones of 4 ply this morning, decided it would store better if skeined and vacuumed - then one of the cats decided he wanted to play so we had to stop.... better get back to it, I'm on a bit of a clear out roll, after the weekend, not natural !!!

ps there were 6 blankets, one candlewick bed cover, one pillow, a few sheets, and lots of crochet things...


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